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Club Wear

Kepler in his Custom Set Deluxe Oh Spring Deer & Denim

Anything is possible!

We can Mix and Match Patterns for your custom couture creation. Just talk to us!

Reversible and Versatile!

Get more out of your custom couture for a versatile Look with our reversible Bandanas with Snap on Button and Bow Tie.

Dare to be Unique!

Our custom couture creations are unique and you can even add a name or phrase. Now that's a true statement!

Who we are

About us and how it started!

My name is Alexandra (humom to Instagram owner of @Monty_Montgomery_Python) Monty loves to wear Bandanas and Bow Ties and after spending lots of $ on them at the Pet Stores and never finding custom collars that just fit right and that always have to be adjusted, I came to the conclusion that it was time to customize his apparel and accessories. Monty loves wearing Bandanas and Bow Ties, these accessories make our days brighter and even Monty feels special wearing them and loves the attention he gets.

So, here we are creating handcrafted and custom apparel for Monty his furiends and all the other dapper dogs out there.

​Please email us for questions, suggestions or feedback!

If you want a special and custom or personalized order and you don't see anything we offer please contact us. Because love a challenge!

The fabrics for the custom orders are 100% cotton and flannel to ensure comfort. The items can be hand washed in cold water.

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